Teens Can Blog Launched, Survived and Scaled in a Time Many Businesses Crumbled

Teens Can Blog Launched, Survived and Scaled in a Time Many Businesses Crumbled

A company with clear cut vision will survive any huddle, this is so with Teens Can Blog. After our official launch in launch in February, a month later we were nationally affected by the lockdown.

We had so much to achieve but the path to achieving this milestone was replete with unique challenges that trailed the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine starting up a business in a time businesses were crumbling and we sort out unique ways to survive.


• February: Secured partnership with top radio stations in Abia state, Flo FM and Broadcasting Cooperation of Abia state

• May: Successfully hosted our first virtual MasterClass to train over 200+ young people in Leadership in Technology of the 21st century.

• May: Got featured in two national dailies, Nations Newspaper and Guardian Newspaper.

• June: Hosted a world class Virtual Class that featured over 500+ young tech enthusiasts, with international speakers to mount the virtual podium.

• June: Got Recognized and Certified by Forbes as one of the top 150+ startups in Nigeria(Featured on Forbes Website)

July: Entered a strategic partnership with The View Magazine, Lagos, owned by the Special Assistant to the governor of Lagos state.

• July: Got featured on Tech Point Africa

• August: Launched a short story competition with over 200k award to empower young creative writers in Nigeria.

September: Partnered with Indian Leading EdTech company, Vertocity.

November: Launched an internship program with our Indian partners for Young Nigerian tech enthusiasts.

Despite the pandemic, no one was laid off and exits came either before the pandemic or due to new career opportunities.

Stayed alive and in business
Many more ‘tiny’ milestones.

Of course, we weren’t impervious to the economic effects of the pandemic. Revenue in particular dwindled drastically in the times of the pandemic, especially during the lockdown period.

I am extremely grateful for the team who, through it all, remained passionate and motivated. A lot of what we achieved in 2020 would not be possible without their sacrifice and contribution. I could theorise, for pages on end, about the brilliance of our process and management philosophy but the truth remains that our team made the difference. I am genuinely humbled.


We have learnt how to exploit opportunities amidst hard time, and also to use virtual ability to achieve anything, this will partition our 2021 programs into two phases. Virtual and physically inclined programs.

Outreach and high school trainings and tertiary institution trainings will be more often in this year.

The internship Program is still ongoing, those interested can still sign up here.

On behalf of the Teens Can Blog team, I want to appreciate every single one of our hundreds of thousands of our Users and clients. You guys made our year. And to every new user, welcome. You are in for a pleasurable ride.

Here’s to a pandemic-free and profitable 2021!